Understanding Flanged Gate Valves and Their Uses

May 27, 2023 | News

Flanged gate valves, also called rising stem gate valves, are isolation valves commonly used in industry. They are well suited for applications that require positive shut off and regulation of flow. Flanged gate valve designs include wedge, parallel slide, and floating ball styles.

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Types of Flanged Gate Valves

  • Wedge gate valves – are the most common type. They feature a wedge-shaped disc that opens and closes by moving up and down. They have simple designs, are relatively inexpensive, and provide good shut off. However, they have higher operating torques and are prone to disc abrasion.
  • Parallel slide gate valves – utilize a flat sliding gate that moves laterally to fully open or close the flowpath. They provide smooth flow control, require lower operating torques, and have reduced seat abrasion. However, they tend to be more expensive compared to wedge gate valves.
  • Floatng ball valves – use a full bore round ball to allow flow when open. They deliver maximum flow with low headloss but require high operating torques and have difficulties achieving tight shut off.

Uses of Flanged Gate Valves By Valves Factory

Due to their versatility and reliability, flanged gate valves are commonly used for a variety of industrial applications including:

  • Isolating equipment for maintenance
  • Control flow in pipelines
  • Regulating process variables like pressure, level and temperature
  • Controlling slurry services and difficult media types
  • Handling high temperatures, pressures and corrosive fluids

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Advantages Of Using A Flanged Gate Valve Over Others

Gate valves by flanged gate valve factory, provide a more positive shut off compared to globe valves since the disc fully blocks the flow path when closed. This makes them a reliable choice for isolation purposes.

  • The wedge disc in gate valves is easy to access and replace if needed, making maintenance and repair convenient.
  • The design of gate valves is relatively simple with fewer moving parts compared to globe valves. This makes them more robust, durable and reliable.
  • Due to their simple design, gate valves tend to be less expensive than globe or ball valves.
  • The large port diameter of gate valves allows grit and particles to easily pass through without obstructing the disc seal. This makes them suitable for handling slurries and dirty fluids.
  • Since they do not have any narrow gaps like globe valves, gate valves are less prone to cavitation damage even at higher flow velocities.

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