Bellows Expansion Joint

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Flexible bellows, also known as expansion joints, is a flexible element that absorbs the motion of the pipe system. The flexible bellows expansion joints can be designed to absorb one of these motions or multiple combinations of these motions. Bellows expansion joints can play an expansion role mainly by the bellows pipe to achieve. For the function and strength of the bellows expansion joint‘s design is mainly the design of the bellows. However the different design and combination of the bellows can make the bellows stretching, compression or bending. So as to four basic forms of bellows expansion joint of forming the axial, angular, lateral and universal. Hereby, we have proper suggestion for valve purchase. It’s that trusted manufacturers and suppliers like TWT Valve manufacturer are always worth to recommand.

Bellows Expansion Joint Effect

One kind of bellow expansion joint, as well known, is the bent & force balanced type bellows expansion joint. It is used for the connection between equipment and equipment. At the same time its role is to compensate the thermal expansion of the pipeline between the two devices; Reduce the force generated by the installation error on the equipment; Facilitate the installation is also the purpose.

Application of Bellows Expansion Joint

The use of bend force balanced type bellow expansion joint can save the equipment from the effect of blind force generated by internal pressure. Particularly it improve the force condition of the equipment, meanwhile the equipment is easy to fix. When the inlet and outlet piping of the pump chooses bellow expansion joint. Obviously It whould be a soft coupling pipe for the pump. The universal type (i.e. universal type) expansion joint installed in the inlet and outlet pipeline of the pump to compensate for the thermal expansion of the pipeline. Thus it reduces the thrust of the pipeline thermal expansion on the pump, or absorb the vibration generated by the pump operation.