Cone Fix Valve

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Main assemblies of nozzle, cone fixing sleeve, gate, valve seat, ball top, driver are for the cone fix valve. Meanwhile, the nozzle and the fixed cone are supported and linked by radial blades. A walled open section pipe is reserved between the nozzle and the cone. At the same time it is outside the nozzle with the sleeve gate installation. The length of the open section without sleeve wall is changed through the axial movement of the sleeve gate. So It is to adjust the opening of the valve. Normally setting the valve outlet will be according to the actual working dome, which can restrict the water flow at the valve outlet. The valve is driven by regulation.

How does cone fix valve work?

Fixed cone valve and drain type are two main pipe medium structures. The installation of medium pipe is in the center of the pipe. Through the installation, it has the functions of stop, pressure reduction and flow control.  If the installation of the medium pipe is on the deflector, then it prevents the pipe at the rear end of the valve from being damaged by cavitation. In addtional, the installation of discharge type is at the end of the pipeline. Particularly it has the functions of pressure relief, pressure regulation and water level control. A qualified and experted valve manufactuer always supply high grade valves products. So the suggestion from us is that purchasing quality cone fix valves from the supplier like us will ensure your efficiency and lower cost.

What does cone fix valve use?

Generally the application of cone fixed valve is for to regulate the flow of the dam and reservoir. It is a free discharge valve, usually used as a turbine bypass valve, reservoir outlet or continuous discharge flow control valve. The control of flow often is by the movement of the external stainless steel gate, which has a metal to metal tight closure to the Nitronic 60 valve seat. When discharged into the atmosphere, the jet diffuses with a wide cone angle and decomposes into a small spray. If you need to control the jet, you can install a hood to centralize the flow.