Semi-ball Valve

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Ball valves can be classified according to their ball design, housing components, and bore shape. Certainly, referring to ball Valve, there are five types of valve body. One is single type; Another is split-body type; Next, it’s three-piece body type; Welded type is the fourth; The last one is top entry. There are generally four types of ball valves: standard port, full port, reducing port and V-port. About standard port semi-ball valve, it is usually lower price, but there is a smaller ball and corresponding smaller port. The flow through this valve is one -pipe size smaller than the pipe size of the valve, resulting in a slight restriction on flow. In necked ball valves, the flow through the valve is one pipe size smaller than the pipe size of the valve. So resulting in limited flow about necked ball valves.

What is structure of Semi-ball valve

The eccentric hemisphere valve (semi-ball valve) is composed of valve body, eccentric shaft, bonnet, hemisphere, bushing, valve seat and other related spare parts. It opens or closes the valve by rotating the eccentric shaft 90 ° to cut off the medium. According to itself installation structure, we consider about two types of the semi-ball valve with eccentriced design. One is jacking eccentric semi-ball. And another is side-inlet valve of eccentric semi-ball. As strong valve manufacturer in China, we always provide quality semi-ball valves products. So that statisfy our customers’demand from oversea.

What is its application

It is suitable for sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical, electric power, paper making; And other industries to treat slurry, pulp, aluminum oxide and other places with good sealing performance. Especially it is in two-phase flow medium.

The eccentric ball valve of semi-ball design is applicable to two-phase medium flow (such as liquid+solid flow). It is also the best choice for medium and solid medium easy to precipitate and crystallize. It is widely used in petrochemical, gas, metallurgy, power station and other industries.