Non Rising Gate Valve

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Gate valve is a valve used for medium connection and closing. However not for regulation. Compared with other valves, gate typed one has a wider range of comprehensive applications in terms of pressure, working oil, design pressure and temperature. According to the screw position of the valve stem, the gate valve can be divided into two types. One is rising one and another is non rising gate valve.

Advantages of valves we introduce are below:

The non rising stem takes up less space and is an ideal choice for gate valves with limited space. In general, an opening or closing indicator shall be installed to indicate the opening/closing degree. The non lubricated valve stem thread will cause medium corrosion and easy damage. We stand out from many China valve manufacturers in accordance with lower cost and high quality. Whether domestic procurement or overseas customers, our quality valves have always been trusted by them.

The features about Valves

List related features of non-rising gate valve as flat style seat; The overall package gluecorrosion-resistant; Difficult to fragmentation O-ring seal; Flexible wedge offers superiortightness of seats and freedom from sticking; Pressure seal design as lightweight; Stainless steel stem with high strength and corrosion resistance; Rubber bonnet gasket for longevity and protection of bonnect bolts; Ductile iron body and connect with hugh strength and impact resistance.