Double Flange Eccentric Butterfly Valve

The working principle of Double Flanged Eccentric Butterfly Vavle

Actually a butterfly valve is with flanges on both the inlet and outlet faces, also the flange is a flat surface, which makes the connection between the valve and the pipe very easy and will not leak. Explicitly the double flanged type of butterfly valve has holes on its flange. As well as the pipe end connected with the valve is also designed to be the same size as the flange and hole on the flanged valve. The piping system ensure its safe through the double flange eccentric butterfly valve with bolts and nuts. Generally double flange butterfly valve manufacturers design these valves with defect free and worry free performance.

High requirements for butterfly valves we manufacture

Double offset design and patented floating seat structure provide a reliable 100% bi-directional disc seal. In meantime this unique structure of ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valve meets the high requirements of high-performance butterfly valve applications. At the same time our high-performance butterfly valves working temperatures is up to 90℃ according to industrial standard. TWT Valve manufacturer always have confidence to produces quality valves with lower cost.

The advantages of double flanged eccentric butterfly valve

The characteristics of double flange eccentric butterfly valve are summarized as follows:
1. Firstly, Integrated shaft, blowout prevention design, and equipped with anti-static device.
2. A long life bearings will support the shaft at the top and bottom. As bearing support, these two bearings have good corrosion resistance, and also Low head loss. The vulcanization seat avoids the contact between the fluid and the cast iron, and avoids corrosion and damage.
3. Two way double flange butterfly valves guarantee 100% watertight.
4. Polished disc rim to avoid damage to the valve seat. For installation there is no gasket needed.