Expansion Joint

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What is Expansion Joint

Compensator is also called expansion joint or slip joint. Bellows, bracket structure, support structure and flange, pipe and other accessories at the end of the main body. As a compensation component. The expansion and deformation of the bellows of the main body can effectively absorb the size changes of pipes, tubes, containers, etc. caused by hot bilge and cold shrinkage.

Or compensate the axial, lateral and angular displacement of pipes, conduits and vessels. The expansion joint can also be used for noise reduction and vibration reduction. It is widely used in modern industry. In order to prevent the heat supply pipeline from thermal stress caused by high temperature, thermal elongation, deformation or damage, it is necessary to set compensator on the pipeline; To compensate for thermal elongation, reduce wall stress and force on the valve or supporting structure.

About advantages of stainless steel expansion bellows products:

1. The pipeline has large deformation and limited space position.
2. Large diameter pipeline, large deformation and displacement, low working pressure.
3. Absorption pipeline pump outlet vibration.
4. Pipeline required to absorb earthquake or foundation settlement.
5. Equipment that needs to limit the nozzle load.
6. The stainless steel expansion from bellows TWT Valve manufacturer would satisfy customers demand and standard.