Dismanlting Joint

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There are so many types of dismanlting joints, such as flexible threading expansion joints, Stainless steel flange type dismantling joint or VSSJA flange adapters. The dismanlting joint, we sale, may ensure its quality and low cost. Because TWT valves are experted valves manufactuer in China. At the same time we have cooperated with oversea customers for many years.

How about Dismanlting Joint working

At the same time, the telescopic joint is also known as the expansion joint, dismanlting Joint or compensator. The expansion device can perform axial expansion within a certain range. Meanwhile it can also overcome the deviation caused by different axial joints of the pipeline within a certain angle, which can greatly facilitate the installation. In additional, it disassembly of the valve pipeline and allow the expansion amount in the pipeline. It can stretch and stretch freely. Once it passes through its large expansion and contraction, it will play a limiting role to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.

What main components for VSSJA flange adapter

VSSJA flange adapter as a kind of dismanlting joint is also called AF type pipe compensator according to standard of GB/T12,465-2007. VSSJA type dismanlting joint is composed of follower, flange, sleeve, rubber seal, bolt and nut. One end is of plug-in type. It is as same as SSJB elastic mechanical coupling. And the other end is of flanged type. Flange loose sleeve expansion joint connecting pipes can be made of different materials. Especially it is for steel pipes and plastic pipes.

The stainless steel flange type dismanlting joint is a new product that connects the pipeline with other devices. Through the bolts to connect the flanged type joint, and make it a whole. It has a certain displacement and is easy to install. It can withstand the axial stress of the pipeline. Therefore, it can be adjusted according to the on-site installation size during installation and maintenance, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also protects the pump, valve and pipeline equipment.