Product Description

Product Parameters

Fluid mediumWater, oil, gas, etc.
Temperature Range-10℃~120℃
Pressure RatingsPN1.0~2.5MPa
Size RangeDN25~DN4000
Connection TypeFlanged;Welding;Thread
Connection standardGB·ANSI·DIN·BS
Valve Life50 years
Body MaterialsCarbon steel;Stainless stee;Ductile Iron


Features and advantages

The EX700 series includes AY gland loose compensation joint, AF flange loose, BY gland loose joint compensation limit compensation joint, BF flange loose limit compensation connector, CF flange loose force compensation joint and D type large deflection loose tube compensation joint and other forms, meet the different working conditions.

Reasonable product structure design, reliable sealing performance, easy installation and disassembly.

The utility model has the advantages that the utility model can freely stretch in the allowable range, and can compensate the axial displacement, the deflection and the eccentricity in a certain range of the pipeline.



EX700 Series Expansion Joints