Lug Butterfly Valve

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How Many types of Butterfly Valves?

Butterfly valves are generally divided into two types: one is lug butterfly valve, and another is wafer-type butterfly valve. Certainly, there is no interchange through these mechanical parts. At the same time there are different advantages and applications for them.The following guidelines explain the differences between these two valves. Meanwhile tell you how to select the valve that suits the needs. As experted valve manufacturer in China, we recommand to purchase quality butterfly valve from senior supplier like us.

The application of Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Lug butterfly valve is one kind of butterfly valve, whose entire valve body is surrounded by threads of metal bolts. The main application of this kind of valve is to connect and to disconnect the pipe system on one side. So that the other side of the system is not disturbed. As it becomes so famous, later is often used to replace its corresponding wafer-type valve.

The valve we introduce is suitable for service at the end of the production line. However blind flanges are always recommended. This kind of valve is always for compatibility with pneumatic or electric drives. It determine the material of disc and seat according to the application and flow medium. Difference between these two butterfly valves, unlike lug-type, wafer type butterfly valves cannot serve as pipe ends or pipe ends.