How to Choose A Check Valve That Suits Your Needs?

Apr 24, 2024 | News

Seeking a durable, efficient check valve for your fluid system? Navigating the intricate industrial valve landscape, you understand the significance of selecting the appropriate model. If not, let’s delve into the world of stylish flange double door check valve, China lift check valve, and single disc wafer check valves today.

Flanged double door check valve, China lift check valve, and single disc wafer check valves each offer unique features for specific uses. Understanding these can save time and resources. This knowledge also enhances system performance and clarifies the benefits and specs of these valves.

single disc wafer check valves

Flange Double Door Check Valve: The Dual Protector

Imagine you’re sipping a cold drink through a straw. You want the liquid to come up the straw and into your mouth, right? A flange double door check valve is like a smart straw for big pipes—it makes sure stuff (like water or gas) only flows one way. It’s got two flappy doors that open up when the good stuff is moving the correct way through the pipes. But if that flow tries to reverse? Nope, the doors slam shut, saying “Not today!” This means everything stays safe and only goes where it should.

Why is it called “flange”? Well, think of flanges as the hands that hold the valve in place on the pipe, nice and tight, so it doesn’t wiggle or leak.

So, in simple terms, a flange double door check valve is like having a smart, one-way only door for what flows through pipes—keeping everything moving smoothly in the direction it’s supposed to. It’s one clever piece of kit in the world of pipes and water!

China Lift Check Valve: The Rising Star

Hey, I want to talk about this cool piece of equipment, the China Lift Check Valve. Its working principle is really straightforward, yet it’s super effective. Basically, when fluid flows in one direction, the valve automatically opens, allowing the fluid to pass through. Once the fluid tries to flow back, the valve snaps shut like an automatic door, preventing reverse flow.

It’s ingeniously designed with a conical component called the disc, which moves up and down inside the valve seat. As the fluid pressure increases, overcoming the weight of the disc, the disc is lifted, opening the passage. But as soon as the flow rate decreases or stops, the disc falls back down by gravity, sitting snugly on the seat to stop the fluid from backflowing. This is great for protecting upstream equipment, like pumps, etc.

One advantage of China’s lift check valve is that it occupies less space and is quite easy to install, not as complex as some larger valves. And based on where they are used, they can be made to withstand high temperatures, corrosion resistance, essentially capable of handling various harsh conditions.

In short, this valve acts as a little guardian in the piping system, ensuring water or other fluids flow in only one direction. It’s especially suitable for situations that demand space efficiency and energy savings. Plus, it’s economical and offers great value, making it popular in the market.

Single Disc Wafer Check Valve: The Space Saver

A Single Disc Wafer Check Valve, as the name suggests, has a single circular disc at its core. It’s kind of like a gatekeeper for your pipes, making sure the fluid flows forward without any backward sneakiness. The “wafer” part refers to its slim, space-saving design. Unlike traditional swing check valves or ball check valves that might be bulkier, wafer check valves are thin and compact, so they easily sandwich between pipe flanges using just a pair of bolts. This makes them ideal when you’re dealing with tight spaces or need to save on installation costs.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Disc Wafer Check Valve compared with Flange Double Door Check Valve, China Lift Check Valve

Single Disc Wafer Check Valve


  • Compact and Lightweight: With just one disc, these valves are more compact and lighter.
  • Ease of Installation: Thanks to its simple design, it’s quite easy to install and maintain.
  • Versatile: It can be used in both large and small diameter pipelines.


  • Poorer Seal: A single disc might not seal as tightly as a double disc.
  • Durability Issues: Being single-disc, it might not last as long as double-disc or lift check valves.

Flange Double Door Check Valve


  • Better Sealing: The double-door design provides a better seal.
  • Quick Response: The double disc design reacts quickly to flow reversal, reducing water hammer effects.


  • Larger Size: It’s bulkier than a single disc valve, requiring more space for installation.
  • Higher Cost: The more complex structure could mean higher manufacturing costs.

China Lift Check Valve


Reliable Structure: The lift-check design is simple with fewer components, increasing reliability.

Easy Maintenance: Fewer components also mean easier maintenance.


  • Flow Resistance: May have higher fluid resistance compared to wafer or double-door check valves.
  • Vertical Installation Constraints: Unlike some wafer or double-door valves, there may be more limitations on vertical installations for lift check valves.

Every valve type comes with its own set of benefits, and the choice largely hinges on the particular needs and design criteria of the system. I trust this piece has been informative. For further insights, feel free to reach out or visit our website. We’re eager to assist you.