Double Flange Concentric Butterfly Valve

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The flange type of butterfly valve has its perforated flange. Good design for the pipe end connected with the valve is the same size as the flange and hole on the flanged valve. In additional, the valve is secured to the piping system with bolts and nuts. Butterfly valve manufacturers design these valves with flawless, at the same time carefree performance. These flanged butterfly valves are widely used in heavy duty applications because they can withstand difficult and harsh environments. The double flange concentric butterfly valve is designed for shutoff and throttling applications. The working principle of this valve is to rotate the closing element of the valve by a quarter of a turn. Then it could open and close the liquid flow as required. Operating this type of valve manually or through an actuator is accordance with requirement.

Usage of Double Flanged Concentric Butterfly Valve

For the usage of double flange concentric butterfly valve. It is a flow control mechanism that uses a rotating disc to control the flow medium in the system. The rotated disk remains in the channel, because it is very thin, there is little resistance to flow. Butterfly valves always are for a widespread application in many industries. So a high performance valve should be the first thing to be considered.

Applcation of Double Flanged Concentric Butterfly Valve

The design structure of double flanged concentric butterfly valve is simple and unique, small volume, light weight and easy to operate; Small-diameter operation torque, labor-saving and dexterous, rapid opening and closing; Certainly, can be installed in any position of the pipeline, very convenient to install and maintain; Handle concentric disc butterfly valve usually adopts soft seal, reliable sealing performance, can achieve two-way sealing, zero leakage; Sealing surface material is easy to replace, aging resistance, weak corrosion, long service life.