High Performance Butterfly Valve

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High performance butterfly valve uses a disc offset from the center of the valve seat. So inisiders call it double offset. In this structure, the disc is eccentric, or deviated from the valve seat. When the disc starts to rotate, it moves away from the seat, not across it. This design actually uses line pressure to help it seal. This feature allows offset butterfly valves to be used in high-pressure applications such as ethanol or HVAC. It usually uses PTFE or plastic as its seat material, but it also has metal seats to meet the fire test specifications such as API 607.

The adavantages of High performance butterfly valve

High performance butterfly valve, also known as double offset butterfly valve, has an innovative design. At the same  time it provides solid reliability and extremely easy on-site maintenance. Independent and internal tests have proven the excellent service life capability of this series of valves. Certainly, it is also with zero leakage shutoff. However, only the quality butterfly valves can demonstrate high performance. TWT Valve manufacturer always ensure quality production with low price sale. And our products would be recommandation always.

The application of High performance butterfly valves

The high performance eccentric butterfly valve is a family of valves with quarter turn rotary motion, which is used to close the flow in the pipeline. It’s often said that the butterfly valve can be used to regulate the flow. However, we do not recommend this because it will damage the valve disc. In additional, it adversely affect the sealing performance. These butterfly valves are widely used in various process media and industries, especially in water supply; Collection and distribution, and pump stations, especially in flow isolation.