Wafer Butterfly Valve

The ductile iron wafer butterfly valve is a mechanism that regulates the material flow in the large pipe diameter by rotating a quarter circle of the disc. A rod passes through the center of the disc and is connected to an actuator that controls the disc motion. The disk position is parallel or perpendicular to the media flow. The butterfly valve is different from other valves because the valve disc is always in the flow state, resulting in pressure changes at any position of the valve. As experted valve supplier in China, TWT valve manufacturer ensures products low cost. Meanwhile we also sales quality butterfly valves to oversea market.

Description of butterfly-shaped control valves

Some of valves are named after their shape, such as globe valves, needle valves, ball valves and son on. However other valves are named for their motion and function, for example: plug valves, gate valves, life valves, sandwich type pinch valves, slide valves, etc. In meantime. butterfly-shaped control valves are also named for their motion. Butterfly valves get their name from the fact that they move in a manner similar to wings for flight. The stem resembles the body of a butterfly, while the disc moves like the butterfly’s wings. The movement of the butterfly valve is similar to a landing butterfly, with the wings moving up and down in a 90 degree motion.

The structure of Wafer butterfly valve

Certainly, one style of butterfly valve is called wafer style. Most wafer butterfly valves are designed with four holes aligned with the connected pipe. The valve is designed to be clamped between two flanges of pipe work. Most wafer-style butterfly valves are suitable for most flange standards. The rubber or EPDM seat forms a very firm seal between the valve and the flange connection.

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