609A To Clip Butterfly Valve

Fluid medium

Water, Oil, Gas And Various Corrosive Media

Pressure Ratings


Temperature Range


Valve Life

50 Years

Product Description

Product Parameters

Fluid MediumWater, Oil, Gas And Various Corrosive Media
Temperature Range-10℃~120℃
Pressure RatingsPn1.0~1.6mpa
Size RangeDn50~dn1200
Connection TypeDouble Folder
Connection StandardGb·ansi·din·api·iso·bs
Valve Life50 Years
Body MaterialsCast Iron;ductile Iron;carbon Steel;stainless Stee;aluminum Bronze
Valve Seat MaterialRubber
Valve Plate MaterialStainless Steel;aluminum Bronze;ductile Iron
NoteAll Parts Can Be Made Of Different Materials According To Actual Working Conditions.


Features and advantages

Reduce the rotational torque, support the stem, and make it separate from the valve body effectively, reduce the wear of the valve stem.

After polishing treatment, and the valve seat with precision.

To achieve zero leakage requirements of air tightness test, the opening and closing torque is small, prolong the service life of the valve seat.

Stem seal is not easy to deform, thereby avoiding the usual stem leakage.

High precision, high strength, suitable for the installation of handle and other control devices.

Firmly connected with the valve stem and valve plate, with anti vibration characteristics, and easy to replace.

Good integrity, easy to control the opening and closing of the valve plate.

It has the characteristics of no shedding, tension, leakage prevention and convenient replacement.

As a device for regulating or cutting off a medium in a pipeline.

Apply to handle control device (DN50~300), worm gear, electric and pneumatic control device.

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609A To Clip Butterfly Valve