Clamp Butterfly Valve

Fluid medium


Pressure Ratings


Temperature Range


Valve Life

50 Years

Product Description

Product Parameters

Fluid MediumWater
Temperature Range-10~80℃
Size RangeDn50~dn1200
Pressure RatingsPn1.0~1.6mpa
Connection StandardGb·ansi·din·api·iso·bs
Valve Life50 Years
Body MaterialsDuctile Iron;carbon Steel;stainless Stee
Valve Seat MaterialRubber
Valve Plate MaterialStainless Steel;aluminum Bronze;ductile Iron
NoteAll Parts Can Be Made Of Different Materials According To Actual Working Conditions.


Technical Standard

Device for regulating or cutting off medium in pipeline.

Suitable for handle control device (DN50~300), worm gear, electric and pneumatic control device.

Design and manufacturing standards in line with GB/T12238.

Pressure test conforms to GB/T13927.

Structure length is GB/T12221.

Side flange standard conforms to GB/T17241.6.


Features and advantages

Installation flange can be installed directly in line with the ISO standard driver.

The sleeve will cover the shaft sealing, improve maintenance reliability.

The upper and lower shaft made of stainless steel has the function of anti explosion.

Unique square neck design can be used without fasteners. This design can prevent the replacement of errors and eliminate the potential impact of loose parts, and can eliminate the loose parts with the flow of media and the possibility of damage to the equipment.

Shaft seal can effectively prevent leakage of media.

The valve plate is made of nodular cast iron. Valve body and valve plate can achieve 360 degree continuous contact. The streamlined shape of the valve plate has the advantages of large opening, and can increase the flow coefficient.

Clamp valve body greatly reduces the weight of the valve installation, easy operation, installation and maintenance.