Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve is used to control the flow of liquids, gases and steam. And it is a regulating valve with simple structure. The valves are used in heating systems, water supplies, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and many other applications. It is mainly composed of valve body, valve stem, butterfly-plate and sealing ring. The valve body is cylindrical, with short axial and built-in butterfly plate.

The main types of butterfly valves are:

1.Ball valve: Butterfly valve with a spherical ball valve mechanism that seals the seat ring.
2.Rising valve: The rising stem is used to open or shut-off the valve.
3.Non-rising stem valve: The stem does not rise when opening or shutting the valve.

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Butterfly valves achieve functions and provide items such as:

1.Shutting-off/Isolation: Prevents backflow through the piping system by using a closed valve. The closing function can also be used to isolate equipment for maintenance.

2.Flow Control: Regulates the flow rate of the system by adjusting the opening of the butterfly valve (e.g., no full closure is required). The flow control function can also be used to regulate the pressure in a system by varying the opening area between fully open and fully closed butterfly valves (e.g., when full shutoff is not required).

Butterfly valves include wafer butterfly valve, lug butterfly valve, double flange eccentric butterfly valve, double flange concentric butterfly valve, high-performance butterfly valve, fully lined PTFE butterfly valve, pn16 butterfly valve, ggg50 butterfly valve, u type butterfly valve,bs5163 resilient seated gate valve,lt butterfly valve, and other related butterfly valve products.

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