Air Release Valve

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Usage of air release valve

An air release valve, or ARV, is a pressure-sensitive device that allows for air to be released from a tank or pipe. We may consider to maintain pressure in a tank or pipe through air-release valve. The most common type of ARV is a butterfly valve, which consider to control the flow of liquids and gases through pipelines.

Cast iron air Release Valve is also known as an cast iron air vent. And it can be for different purposes such as:
1.Cast iron air release valves in water supply systems.
2.They can also be found in gas lines, refrigeration systems.
3.Other industrial processes which require controlled release of air pressure.

Comparing with Butterfly Valves

The main difference between Air Release Valves and Butterfly Valves is as below: Air-release one is for relieving excessive pressure in pipes or vessels. However butterfly valves are mainly for the use of controlling flow rate.

Cast iron air release valves refer to many industies

We consider that cast iron air release valves are in many industries. For example. manufacturing and construction. Because they allow workers to control the flow of air into their work environment without having to drill holes into their walls or flooring (which would require new materials). Some common uses include drilling holes in concrete walls. So that workers can install pipes without having to worry about damaging any surrounding surfaces. (Eg., like floors or walls)

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