Gate Valve

TWT Metal Materials Gate Valves

When it comes to gate valves, These types of gate valves play a crucial role in controlling the flow of various fluids in industrial applications. Actually, quality gate valves should use premium metal materials for its main body, shaft,  High strength low alloy steel plate, etc. Meanwhile, TWT, as reputed metal seated gate valve manufacturers in China, provides gate valves over 50 years of life time because of raw materials. There are some metal choices according to our customized and OEM service:

  • Cast iron (ggg40, ggg50),
  • Ductile iron,
  • Welded carbon steel butt-weld,
  • Stainless steel (SS420, SS304 and SS316),
  • ASTM A516 Grade 70 steel plate (F450, F110)

Two Types Of Gate Valves From China Resilient Seated Gate Valve Factory – TWT

As qualified and professional manufacturer and supplier in China, TWT may produce and supplies all types of gate valves. Meanwhile, Both of Rising Stem Gate Valves and Non Rising Stem Gate Valve are popular valves to match market demand as commonly used types.  And also TWT promises the competitive factory wholesale price for each buyers from domestic and abroad.

Non-Rising Stem Gate Valves:
Non-rising stem gate valves, as the name suggests, do not have a stem that extends outside the valve body when the valve is opened or closed. Instead, the stem is threaded into the gate, and it moves in a linear motion without any vertical movement.

Rising Stem Gate Valves:
In contrast to non-rising stem gate valve, gate valves with rising stem have a stem that moves vertically as the valve is opened or closed. This upward movement of the stem provides a visual indication of the valve position.

Cast Steel Gate Valves From TWT Match International Standard

TWT gate valves are manufactured to meet stringent international standards. These standards for iron gate valves ensure their quality, reliability and compatibility. Additionally, product standards for cast iron gate valve and ductile iron gate valve typically cover material requirements, pressure ratings, testing protocols, dimensions and other technical specifications. So, we list below no matter which standard match to customers’ countries requirement, we produce for you:

  • API600:Specifications covering steel gate valves in sizes NPS 1-24 for installation in pipelines serving the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. API600 addresses valve bodies, trim, pressure testing and other criteria.
  • DIN3352:German standards for rising stem gate, globe and check valves in steel, cast iron and alloy steel up to DN 1, Requirements include marking, dimensions, testing and pressure ratings.
  • EN10434:European standard for steel gate valves for the petroleum and natural gas industries, pipeline transportation systems and petrochemical plants. Specifications match ISO17292.
  • BS5163:British standard covering the design, manufacturing and pressure testing methods for gate, globe and check valves in cast iron, carbon steel and alloy steel. Please refer our products list bs5163 gate valve

So according the above-mention standards, our gate valves products’ applicable pressures may be from PN1.0 to 2.5MPa. In addition, as leading resilient seated gate valve manufacturers China, TWT will supply non rising gate valves, rising stem gate valve, Wedge gate valves and Parallel slide gate valves matching to customers’ other standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us.