Product Description

Product Parameters

Fluid mediumWater, oil, gas, etc.
Temperature Range-10~100℃
Size RangeDN50~DN250
Connection TypeGroove
Connection standardGB·ANSI·DIN·API·ISO·BS
Valve Life50 years
Body MaterialsDuctile iron
Bonnet materialDuctile iron
Disc materialDuctile iron;Nitrile rubber
Stem materialStainless steel


Technical Standard

·Product manufacturing complies with GB/T24924-2010/ANSI/AWWA C509-94 or BS 5163 standards.

·The test meets the standard requirements of GB/T13927 or BS 5163 resilient seated gate valve.

·The valve structure length meets the requirements of the short resilient seated gate valve structure length series in the GB/T12221 standard, and at the same time meets the 125-pound standard in ANSI B16.10 “Valve Structure Length”, or the BS 5163 standard.


Features and advantages

·The double eccentric structure design avoids the abrasion of the sealing connection surface and maintains the integrity and long service life of the seal.

·The wide-angle valve seat design avoids the squeeze damage caused by the tight contact between the valve seat and the valve disc. It provides a longer service life.

·The two-stage high-strength valve stem structure ensures convenient maintenance. The double eccentric structure makes online maintenance of the valve seat and disc easier and faster.

·The streamlined spherical disc has a high flow coefficient.

·The gate valve sizes range from DN50 to DN250, offering a comprehensive selection to meet diverse industrial needs with precision and reliability.

·Internal valve stem/disc drive, avoiding pin or bolt installation that may cause more leakage paths.

·The flexible fixing ring provides compensating valve seat sealing pressure on the valve disc. It is not only simple in structure and light in weight, but also small in driving torque. It is easy and fast to operate, and has good flow regulation and closing and sealing characteristics.

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·Stem seal is made of high-efficiency PTFE.