Z45X Series Elastic Seat Sealing Rod Gate Valve

Fluid medium

Water, oil, gas, etc.

Pressure Ratings


Temperature Range


Valve Life

50 Years

Product Description

The Z45X series elastic sealing rod gate valve can be operated in both manual and automatic modes, depending on the user’s needs and application scenarios.

  • Manual Z45X series valves are usually equipped with a handwheel or handle that is manually rotated to open or close the valve.
  • The automatically operated Z45X series valves are usually equipped with electric actuators or pneumatic actuators, which are driven by electricity or pneumatic pressure to achieve remote control and automated operation.

Product Parameters

Fluid mediumWater, oil, gas, etc.
Temperature Range-10~180℃
Pressure RatingsPN1.0~1.6MPa
Size RangeDN50~DN600
Connection TypeFlanged
Connection standardGB·ANSI·DIN·API·ISO·BS
Valve Life50 years
Body MaterialsCarbon steel
Bonnet materialCarbon steel
Stem materialStainless steel
Hard surface material seat, API internals
NoteAll parts can be made of different materials according to actual working conditions.


Technical Standard

The products are manufactured in accordance with GB/T24924-2010/ANSI/AWWA C509-94 or BS 5163 standards.

The test conforms to GB/T13927 or BS 5163 standards.

The side flange connection conforms to the provisions of GB/17241.6, PN1.6MPa or EN 1092 in the standard “PN1.0MPa”.

Valve length of the structure in line with the GB/T12221 standard gate valve structure length short series, and at the same time in line with the ANSI B16.10 “valve structure length” in the 125 pound class standard, or BS 5163 standards.

DN65 (2 / “)” ~ (12) “side flange connection dimensions can be in accordance with ANSI/ASME B16.1” cast iron pipe flanges and flanged fittings “in the 125 pound class standard requirements.


Features and advantages

Casting body, with sufficient strength to meet the requirements of the working environment, fluid flow will not be hindered.

Elastic wedge, can automatically adapt to the pipe stress caused by the deformation of the valve body.

The welded seat ring is sealed to prevent leakage.

Stem: T – disc – stem connection to prevent stress applied to the side of the stem to ensure smooth operation.

Packing: packing containing preservatives, avoid rust stem. Deep stuffing box ensures long service life of packing.

Seat ring: the valve seat is sealed and welded, which can eliminate the leakage channel and prolong the service life.