Check Valve

Check valves, also called non-return valves, are designed to allow fluid to flow in one direction while preventing back-flow. These check valves are commonly used in a variety of industrial and residential applications to ensure proper flow control and prevent system damage. Normally, the materials of check valves use about cast iron and ductile iron because of their lower cost and more advantages.

Main 2 Types Of Check Valves – Provided By TWT – China Dual Plate Check Valve Factory

Actually, there are many types of check valves to match different industries and applications. For instances, swing check valves, lift check valves, wafer style check valve, spring-loaded check valves, ball check valve, axial flow check valve and check valve wafer type dual plate, etc. As leading dual plate wafer check valve manufacturer in China, TWT involves in valves production industry over 6 decades.

Meanwhile, 1994 – TWT formed a joint venture with the American company WATTS and became a large international valve manufacturer. At the same time, it is also the “only enterprise with excellent technical management” recognized by the Ministry of Machinery Industry. Later TWT became America Watts totally-owned, acting as its largest valve manufacturing base in Asia till now.

So we may OEM and customize kinds of check valves for customers. TWT offers two popular types of check valves: Flanged swing check valves and wafer check valves. Each type has its unique features and advantages, catering to specific requirements.

Flanged Swing Check Valves:

Flanged Swing Check Valves, made from sturdy materials such as Cast Iron GG20 and GG25, as well as Ductile Iron GGG40 and GGG50, are renowned for their robustness and resistance to corrosion. These valves are also available in Stainless Steel variants, providing even greater durability in demanding environments.

Cast Iron Wafer Check Valves:

On the other hand, TWT Flanged Wafer Check Valves are designed for applications where space is limited. These compact valves offer excellent flow control and are commonly used in industries such as HVAC, water treatment, and oil and gas. They are available in a variety of body materials, including Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, and Stainless Steel, ensuring compatibility with different fluids and operating conditions.

Whether you consider to purchase quality valves from us? As excellent stainless steel ASTM A351 Grade CF8 wafer check valve’ body materials with design standard API594 is worth to choose.

Advantages of Different Materials – TWT Use For Check Valves

2008 – General Electric Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. fully acquired TWT Valve, bringing new ideas and investing a lot of fund to enhance the brand value of TWT Valve, update equipment and establish a testing and research center.

As above-mention, TWT is well-known China lift check valve manufacturer. So TWT check valves are manufactured using a wide range of high-quality materials to match oversea customers demand, each with its own set of advantages.

  • For instance, Stainless Steel shafts (SS416, SS420, 316, and 304) provide exceptional corrosion resistance, making them ideal for applications involving aggressive fluids.
  • When it comes to the disc materials, TWT offers options such as WCB stainless steel, which is known for its strength and durability.
  • Certainly, the use of different materials for the sealing ring, including EPDM, NBR, and PTFE, ensures excellent sealing performance and compatibility with various media.

Check Valves Quality – Pressure Levels And Certifications To Guarantee

2019 – Passed the national invention patent certification, and developed a special valve that can replace the O-ring during operation.

TWT Check Valves are certified by internationally recognized bodies such as CE, IAF, and SIL, further highlighting their reliability and adherence to strict quality standards.

In addition to their superior performance, TWT Check Valves are designed to meet different pressure requirements, with wide options ranging from PN10 to PN64. This flexibility allows customers to select the valve that best suits their specific needs and operating conditions.

TWT Supplies Hot Sale Design Of Cast Iron Swing Check Valves With Factory Price

Well, China dual plate check valve factory – TWT, not only focus on the Chinese market, but we have also been expanding overseas sales, cooperating with many foreign companies and ordering our various check valve products. China flanged series cast iron swing check valves have been praised by foreign buyers, now list below: