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Check Valve is a device used to prevent backflow of liquids or gases. It is also called as stop valve, ball valve or self-closing valve. It can be used as a pressure regulator and for preventing leakage in the pipes. The valves, we sales, are qulified products through experted valves manufacturer. Because the qulity valves may ensure efficient-working, lower cost, itp.

Where is valve applicated

Usage of single disc wafer check valve exactly is for controlling flow of water, steam and gases in pipelines, tanks, boilers. For the classification of it, we have to consider about the application. Another factor referring to classification is the material used for the construction of check valves. It mainly consider for water supply purposes such as controlling flow of water from a well pump to a sprinkler system.

About Check Valve Types

1) Zawór zwrotny wahadłowy:

The basic swing check one consists of a valve body, a bonnet, and a valve disc attached to a hinge. The valve-flap swings away from the seat to allow forward flow. It returns to the seat to prevent backflow when upstream flow ceases.

2) Lift-Check:

The seat design of lift-check typed one is similar to that of globe valves. The disc is usually in the form of a piston or ball. Lift check valves are particularly suitable for high pressure environments with high flow rates. In lift-check one, the valve-flap is precisely guided and perfectly fitted into the dashpot. Z pewnością, they are also suitable for installation in horizontal or vertical pipelines with upward flow.

3) Butterfly Check Valve:

A butterfly type one in which the valve flap rotates around a pin in the valve seat. The disc check valve has a simple structure. It can only be installed on horizontal pipes with poor sealing.

Difference between check-type and butterfly-type

Butterfly Valves and wafer double door check valve work in similar ways but have different designs and applications. Check Valves are more commonly used than butterfly valves due to their efficiency over large areas where high pressures occur; they are generally easier to install than butterfly valves because they do not require special tools or techniques to operate properly.

Check valves are one of the most important parts of your plumbing system. They ensure that water flows in only one direction, which is essential for many household appliances.

In addition to ensuring a smooth flow of water in your home, dual plates check valve protect you from flooding and other water-related damage. By preventing water from backflowing, they prevent any damage caused by leaking or overflowing pipes, which can be extremely costly to repair!

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