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What is Ball valve

A ball valve is a flow control device that uses a hollow, perforated, rotatable ball. So that it is easy to control the flow of fluid through it. It opens when its hole is aligned with the flow inlet. And it closes when the ball is rotated 90 degrees by the valve handle, thereby blocking flow. The handle is flush with the flow when open and perpendicular to the flow when closed, making it easy to visually confirm the valve status. The closed position can be rotated 1/4 turn clockwise or counterclockwise.

A valve, we introduce, is kind of shutoff valve that allows, impedes and controls the flow of liquids, gases and steam in a piping system. All the operation above, when it is rotating a ball with a hole in the valve. The ball as main part is mounted on two seats. Z pewnością, it also has a shaft that connects it to the rotating ball’s operating and control mechanism. TWT valve manufacturer in China always ensure its products high quality with low cost to sale.

The basic components is below:

1. Valve housingThe shell of the 3-way ball valve is made of hard metal, thermoplastic or metal lined with thermoplastic, which can protect the parts of it. All internal components of the valves are contained in the valve housing or valve body.

2. BallA ball is a sphere with a hole in its center. The hole in its center is called a hole. When the cross section of the fluid flow passage is coplanar with the ball hole, the ball hole is used as the flow port of the fluid. Otherwise, the flow will be throttled. Normally as industry standard, a ball valve can have a hollow ball or solid one.

3. ShaftThe shaft of ball valve connects the ball to the control- mechanism, causing the ball to rotate. There are sealing rings on the shaft, such as packing ring and O-ring, to seal the shaft and bonnet to avoid fluid leakage. The valve’s shaft can be operated manually by lever or handwheel, or by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive.