T90&F870 Series Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Zakres temperatury


Materiały korpusu

Stainless stee

Zakres rozmiarów


Sphere material

Stal nierdzewna

Opis produktu

Parametry produktu

Zakres temperatury-20℃~220℃
Zakres rozmiarówDN15~DN250
Materiały korpusuStainless stee
Sphere materialStal nierdzewna
Sealing ring15%GF+PTFE
Filter304 stainless steel


Funkcje i zalety

·Two-piece structure, carrying blowout prevention valve stem, full bore design, reducing fluid resistance.
·Stainless steel valve stem ensures that the work will not be affected by the side thrust generated by the high-pressure fluid.
·Stainless steel valve ball reduces the wear of parts and prolongs the service life. Teflon valve seat, adjustable packing nut.
·The two-piece structure is easy to maintain. The PTFE valve seat and PTFE packing rod can be repaired quickly after the bonnet assembly is disassembled.
·Multiple solid bonnets, adjustable conical PTFE packing
·Thrust piece prevents wear, reduces torque, and provides double valve stem seal
· Self-locking gland nut adjustable packing, including protective metal packing washer