Chiny Fabryka zaworów zwrotnych kołnierzowych

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Flange swing check valves, also known as dual plate check valves, embody the synergy of functionality and complexity in fluid management applications with their eloquent design and precision engineering.

Parametry produktu

Zakres rozmiarówDN15~DN600
Zakres temperatury-25~450℃
Materiały korpusuStal węglowa
Materiał maskiStal węglowa
Materiał płytyStal węglowa
Materiał łodygiStal nierdzewna
Siedzisko z twardego materiału, Wewnętrzne elementy API


Funkcje i zalety

Rugged construction ensures safety in the appropriate pressure temperature range. Can provide flange and butt two connections.

The bonnet does not require removal of the valve from the line, allowing access to the maintenance hinge and disc.

The valve flap is closed by its own weight to prevent the backflow of the fluid to form a sufficiently large flow rate to avoid damaging impact.

Through the balance valve and thewingstructure, the head loss (or head loss) is reduced to the minimum extent.

Shorter stroke, combined with the advantages of the balance valve, the valve closed more quickly, to minimize the impact of the phenomenon.

Because of the small gap on the pivot pin, a funnel tight seat seal can be achieved throughout the pressure range to ensure the integrity of the valve seat seal between the disc ring and the valve body.

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