Der bs5163 gate valve pn16 is one of the most common types of valves in the world. They belong to one-way valves, which means they allow fluid to flow through them in only one direction. In many industries and applications, we may find the gate valve. Eg., such as water supply, wastewater treatment, and gas and liquid transportation. Gate valves are also used to control the flow of liquids or gases into or out of a tank or similar container. As gate valve products, insiders would suggest to purchase from professional valve manufacturer. Sicherlich, consider of a low cost, China suppliers are mainly as recommand.

How does it Work

Gate valves may close completely when rotated clockwise, preventing any flow from passing through. When rotated counter clockwise, gate valves open partially or completely. It allows water to flow through them

What is its use?

The use of bs5163 resilient seated gate valve typically are at the end of a pipe or tube connection. They may stop or control the flow of fluid through the pipes or tubes. At the same time, they can shut-off the main line or supply of a system. However this is less common than stopping the flow.

Because gate valves are usually located at the end, they temporarily shut down a system for repairs or maintenance. After the repair is complete, it is easy to open the gate valve again and allow the fluid to flow through normally.

Gate Valve includes Nicht steigender Absperrschieber, Steigender Absperrschieber and other related Gate Valve products.

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