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Double flange Rückschlagventil refers to the valve that automatically opens and closes the valve-clack depending on the flow of the medium itself. Properly it is to prevent the backflow of the medium. It also well known as check valve, one-way valve, reflux valve and back pressure valve. The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, which often to prevent the backflow of medium as its uses. Also, the check valve prevents the reverse rotation of pump and drive motor. In additional, discharge the container medium is another function for flanged check valve. About structure of double flange check valve, Körper, Rabatt, Spring, Hinge pin and Stop pin are main parts.

Structuer of Flange Check Valve

The body of double flanged check valve is made of cast steel or forged steel and carefully designed to minimize pressure drop. Especially, the basic dimensions, wall thickness, end faces and flanges are in accordance with the relevant API and ASME standards. Particularly, two guides are incorporated to ensure correct alignment of hinge pins. The integral valve seat is a part of the trim. Pay special attention to the lapping and lapping of the valve seat surface to achieve perfect sealing effect. There is no full body drill (no baffle design) to avoid any possible accidental leakage of the system.

Normally the disc of double flange check valve is cast steel or forged steel. The connection with the hinge pin allows rotation and small translation along the flow direction. The surface of the seat sleeve is ground and ground. The disc has an integral overtravel stop. Purchasing products from guaranteed valve manufacturers always is important point. Because high-quality valves can improve the use efficiency. Hereby the TWT Valve supplier always gives priority to the recommendation.

Classification according to its structure and installation method:

According to classification of butterfly check valve, There are three types. firstly. is single-valve type. Secondly, it is double-valve type, and last one is multi-half type. Exactly, these three forms mainly refer to the caliber of the valve. The purpose is to prevent the media to stop the flow or backflow, weakening the hydraulic impact.

Straight butterfly check valve media inlet and outlet channel direction and seat channel direction perpendicular; Vertical lift check valve, its media inlet and outlet channel direction and seat channel direction is the same; Its flow resistance is smaller than straight type.