Product Description

Features and advantages

The exhaust process is smooth, can prevent the occurrence of pressure fluctuations or other destructive phenomena.

Air can be discharged in the pipeline when the water is filled with water, and can be evacuated or negative pressure in the pipeline, such as the water column separation conditions will be automatically opened, into the pipeline to eliminate negative pressure.

High speed exhaust gas flow, and even the high speed airflow mixed with water mist will not cause the exhaust port to be closed in advance. The vent is closed only after the air is completely discharged.

At any time, as long as the system pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, such as the occurrence of water column separation phenomenon, the air valve will immediately open the system into the air, to prevent the emergence of negative pressure in the system. At the same time, the system emptying time in a timely manner can accelerate the emptying rate.

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Composite Exhaust Valve