Product Description

Product Nameflange double door check valve
TemperatureOrdinary Temperature
Body MaterialCast Iron/Ductile Iron/Wcb/CF8m/CF8/Al-Bronze
Transport PackagePlywood Box
CoatingFbe Epoxy Coated
Seat MaterialNBR/EPDM/PTFE/Viton/Silicone etc
Production Capacity100, 000, 000sets/Year
ApplicationIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage

Flange double door check valves are commonly used in various industries, including water treatment, oil and gas, and chemical processing. These valves are designed to prevent backflow in pipelines, and their double door design allows for high flow rates and low pressure drops.

Flange double door check valve supplier may be a growing demand for environmentally friendly valve designs that minimize waste and reduce energy consumption. This may lead to the development of new valve designs that incorporate renewable energy sources or other sustainable technologies.

flange double door check valve supplier

Tianjin Tanggu TWT Valve Co., Ltd. is an industry pioneer specializing in valve R&D and manufacturing, including flange double door check valve, flanged wafer check valve, wafer double door check valve, etc. The three names are similar, but they are very different. :

  • Flange Double Door Check Valve:The flange double door check valve features two hinged doors that swing open during flow in one direction and close tightly to prevent backflow.
  • Flange Check Valve: Flange check valveoperates based on the principle of gravity or pressure to ensure fluid flows in one direction only, providing reliable protection against backflow.
  • Dual Plate Check Valve Flange Type:The dual plate check valve flange type features two spring-loaded plates that open in response to forward flow and close quickly to prevent reverse flow.

The above is the simple difference between these three valves. It will give you some reference to choose the valve that suits you. Welcome to buy.