Product Description

Product Parameters

Fluid medium Water, oil, gas, etc.
Temperature Range -20℃~220℃
Pressure Ratings PN0.6~6.4MPa
Size Range DN100~DN2200
Connection Type Flanged
Connection standard GB·ANSI·DIN·ISO·BS
Valve Life 50 years
Body Materials Ductile iron;Carbon steel;Stainless stee
Valve seat material Stainless steel
Sealing surface material Stainless steel;Rubber
Inner part material Stainless steel


Features and advantages

EV2000 series of regulating valve body by double sealing metal and elastic material, adopting axisymmetric shape design, so that the valve cavity flow area is always ring contraction, avoid throttling the exit to the axis, eliminating cavitation and vibration of pipelines and pipeline damage. Ideal for geometric design, the fluid is well guided within the streamline body. Even in the case of high pressure, the valve can effectively eliminate the differential pressure, the pressure reduced to low pressure, and will not produce vibration and cavitation phenomenon. From the entrance to the contraction section of the annular flow area of the continuous decline in the flow rate gradually increased, without cavitation, without cavitation damage energy conversion. Regardless of the position of the piston, the flow profile is annular, thus ensuring a perfect linear regulation characteristic.


EV2000 Series Flow Regulating Valve