Product Description

Product Nameconcentric disc butterfly valve
Seal FormSoft Sealing
Valve StemNormal
StructureCentre Sealing
TechnicalDrawings and Weight Support
Connection FormWafer
Work PressureLow Pressure
Valve DiscDi/SS304/SS316/Bronze/Wcb
ApplicationIIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage

Product Description

Valve Parts Machining: Concentric disc butterfly valve manufacturer not only supply valve, but also valve parts, mainly body, disc, stem and handle. Some of our regular customers keeping order valve parts more than 10 years, we also produce valve parts mold according to your drawing.
Machines: We have total 30 machines (include CNC, machine center, semi-auto machine, pressure testing machine, spectrograph etc.) mainly used for valve part machining.

Concentric disc butterfly valve manufacturer

As a manufacturer of concentric disc butterfly valves, our products also include concentric butterfly valves, and flanged concentric butterfly valves. They look similar in name, but their functions and designs are different:

  • Concentric disc butterfly valves represent a traditional and widely used type of butterfly valve characterized by a simple yet effective design.
  • Concentric butterfly valve, also known as resilient-seated butterfly valves, feature a similar concentric disc design but incorporate a resilient seat material such as EPDM or PTFE for improved sealing performance.
  • Flanged concentric butterfly valves are a variation of the concentric design that includes flanged connections on both ends of the valve body. The flanged connections allow for easy installation and removal of the valve in a pipeline system, simplifying maintenance procedures and facilitating integration into existing piping configurations .

We believe that understanding the characteristics and applications of concentric disc butterfly valves, concentric butterfly valves and flanged concentric butterfly valves can help you make informed decisions when selecting the type of valve best suited for your specific fluid control requirements.

Butterfly Valve includes large size double flange butterfly valve, double flange butterfly valve and other related Butterfly Valve products.