double eccentric butterfly valve

Driving ModeManual/Electric/Pneumatic/Hydraulic
Valve BodyCasting
Body MaterialDuctile Iron

Product Description

Product Namedouble eccentric butterfly valve
Driving ModeManual
Valve StemNormal
StructureDouble-Eccentric Sealing
Seal FormSoft Sealed
Connection FormFlange
Work PressureLow Pressure
ColorCustomized on Request
ApplicationIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage

Double eccentric butterfly valve adopts double eccentric structure, which has the sealing function of tighter and tighter, and the sealing performance is reliable.
The rubber sealing ring can be located on the valve body or on the butterfly plate, which can be applied to different media for users to choose.
The China double eccentric butterfly valve factory overall paint can effectively prevent corrosion and can be used for different media as long as the sealing material of the sealing valve seat is replaced.
China double eccentric butterfly valve has unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving and convenient.

China double eccentric butterfly valve factory