u type butterfly valve

Driving ModeLever, Handle, Gear Operator, Pneumatic Actuator
Valve BodyCasting
Body MaterialCast Iron/Ductile Iron/Wcb/CF8m/CF8/Al-Bronze

Product Description

Product Nameu type butterfly valve
Seal FormRubber Metal
Valve StemNormal
StructureButterfly Gate Check
MediaWater, Oil, Gas, Seawater, Food, Steam, Air etc
Stem materialStainless steel
Connection FormWafer Lug Flange
Work PressureLow Pressure
ColorCustomized on Request
ApplicationIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage

China u type butterfly valve 100% bi-directional tight shut-off.
Installation without restriction in direction of flow.
Reduced weight and overall dimensions.
Low pressure loss and reduced energy costs.
U type butterfly valve factory product to clean and disinfect for potable water systems etc.
Self cleaning ( no residue will be trapped ).
Products manufactured by China u type butterfly valve manufacturers have good corrosion resistance.

u type butterfly valve factory

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