Whether Air Relief Valve Is Air Release Valve?

May 27, 2023 | News

The commonly used names for Air Relief Valves are Air Release Valves or Air Valves. Air Relief Valve’s function as a safety mechanism to discharge any air pockets that can form at every elevated area of a pressurized pipeline. Trapped air, if not released, can result in flow problems, pump failures, corrosion, inaccurate instrumentation readings, and pressure surges. Additionally, the presence of trapped air in the pipeline system requires additional energy consumption. In situations like these, air relief valves are the highly important component.

There Are The Following Sources From Which Air Can Enter Into A Pipeline:

The pipeline is filled with air before it is commissioned and started up. Upon the entry of the fluid into the pipe, it replaces the air and occupies its place. It is essential to remove all air at this stage, or else it will gather at the most elevated points.

Water typically has a volume of 2% air. Air usually gets trapped in pockets when dealing with adhesives or other viscous fluids. During the flow of fluid through the system, pockets of air sometimes separate from the mixture and gather at the high points of the system.

At the high points, air can accumulate due to various equipment such as pumps, packing, valves, and pipe joints that are capable of drawing in air.

The pressure head loss is increased due to the flow restriction caused by the accumulation of air. Higher energy consumption is the result of increased pumping cycles.

Working of Air Release Valves From Air Relief Valve Factory

Air release valves that are automatic can be found at the highest points of pipelines or other systems where air tends to accumulate naturally. The inside liquid is displaced by the air bubbles that enter the air relief valve. The level of the liquid has been reduced. The valve opens and vents the accumulated air into the atmosphere when the float drops because the liquid level is no longer providing buoyancy to the float.

Upon releasing the air, the valve is re-entered by the liquid, raising the float and causing the seat to press against the orifice, which ultimately closes the valve. The air-free system is maintained automatically by this ongoing cycle.

Air Release Valve Components

  • The inner floats and upper mechanism are contained within a metal body that is compact.
  • Inner Float Assemblies include a large orifice float, small orifice float, upper float, upper seat, mesh outlet, and cover.

Applications About Air Relief Valves

Air relief valves from the air relief valve factory is well-liked for use in both water pipelines and sewer force mains. Nevertheless, they are suitable for all kinds of piping or pipeline systems that can trap air and are closed-loop or pressurized.

Air release valves are equipped with smaller orifices in comparison to other types of air valves. Air relief valves are most suitable for applications involving smaller volumes of air to exhaust.

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