Understanding Ductile Iron Gate Valves Through China Gate Valves Factory

May 28, 2023 | News

Ductile iron gate valves are a common type of valve used in water, wastewater and process industries. Meanwhile, they feature a wedge, parallel slide or ball type shut-off mechanism made of ductile iron.

ductile iron gate valve

What Is Ductile Iron from China Ductile Iron Gate Valve Factory?

Ductile iron is a type of cast iron that has been as treated with an alloying element like magnesium to make it stronger and more resistant to breakage. Compared to grey iron, ductile iron has:

• Higher tensile strength
• Increased impact resistance
• Improved ability to deform before fracturing
• Better machinability
• Greater resistance to corrosion

Indeedly, these properties make ductile iron an ideal material for the discs, wedges and body of gate valves that are subjected to rigorous industrial applications.

Characteristics Of Ductile Iron Gate Valves

Common features of ductile iron gate valves include:

• Simple design and construction using few components.
• Rugged construction to withstand high pressures and temperatures.
• High reliability and long service life.
• Corrosion resistance matched to fluid being as handled.
• Available in a range of sizes from 1 inch to 100 inches.
• Compliance with international standards like AWWA, API and ISO.

Uses of Ductile Iron Gate Valves

Ductile iron gate valve is as used extensively in:

• Water and wastewater treatment plants
• Pipeline distribution systems
• Process industries like power, chemical, oil & gas
• Mining operations
• Marine applications

Ductile iron gate valves are as able to provide reliable isolation, flow regulation. And also control in harsh industrial environments involving abrasive slurries, corrosive acids and other challenging media.

Related Other Advantages Of Ductile Iron Gate Valve

  • This kind of gate valves are typically as used for line sizes 2 inches and up, for higher flow applications.
  • Parallel slide gate valves by China ductile iron gate valve factory, are also made with ductile iron. The slide gate moves laterally to open or close the valve.
  • They are often as used to isolate sections of pipe for maintenance, to throttle or control flow and as check valves to prevent backflow.

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