Three Practical Check Valves from TWT Valve

Mar 29, 2024 | News

TWT Valve is a manufacturer specializing in the production of check valves. Among them, there are three piratical products purchased by many importer: China lift check valve, flange double door check valve, and single disc wafer check valve. Below we will explain the differences and applications of them:

china lift check valve

Lift Check Valve:

  • Design: Lift check valves feature a guided disc and a similar seating arrangement as globe valves. The disc is usually in the form of a piston or a ball.
  • Operation: When the flow enters below the seat, the disc is raised by the pressure of the upward flow. When the flow stops or reverses, gravity forces the disc downward to seal against the seat.
  • Applications: Suitable for high-pressure service where flow velocity is high. Commonly used in high-rise buildings, industrial plants, power plants, and water and wastewater applications. Economical and reliable due to no external moving parts.

Flange Double Door Check Valve:

  • Design: Flange double door check valves have two independently moving flapper doors.
  • Operation: They allow flow in one direction (from inlet to outlet) and prevent back flow.
  • Applications: Back flow prevention in pumping systems. Chemical injection lines. Installation on discharge of pumps handling corrosive fluids. Suitable for high-pressure and temperature applications.

Single Disc Wafer Check Valve:

  • Design: These valves are thin and disc-like, resembling a wafer. They are sandwiched between two flanges using bolts or studs and nuts.
  • Operation: They control fluid flow, prevent back flow, and maintain consistent fluid direction.
  • Applications: Space-saving: Ideal for applications with limited space. Used in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food and beverage, HVAC systems, and water treatment. Critical for maintaining a safe and reliable system.

In summary

Lift check valves are versatile, economical, and reliable for various applications. Flange double door check valves are robust, suitable for high-pressure scenarios, and prevent back flow. Single-disc wafer check valves are compact, lightweight, and adaptable to different systems.

Check valves are crucial components in fluid control systems, designed to prevent back flow and ensure the safety and efficiency of pipelines. Choose the valve type based on your specific requirements and system conditions.