Different Types and Applications of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Apr 2, 2024 | News

A triple offset butterfly valve, also known as an triple eccentric butterfly valve, is an advanced type of butterfly valve that incorporates three distinct offsets to achieve superior sealing performance. The types and applications of triple offset butterfly valves has (also known as triple eccentric valves):

Types of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves:

Zero Offset Butterfly Valve:

In this particular arrangement, the valve shaft is deliberately set away from the central axis of the valve seat. The disc or plate maintains perfect alignment with the seat, devoid of any eccentricity. Butterfly valves with zero offset find widespread usage across diverse industrial sectors.

Single Offset Butterfly Valve:

The disc is eccentrically positioned with respect to the valve seat. This offset allows for better sealing performance. Single offset butterfly valves are employed in crucial scenarios necessitating precise closure.

Double Offset Butterfly Valve:

Apart from the offsets in shaft and disc, a third offset is formed by the conical sealing surface. Double offset butterfly valves excel in withstanding high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. In addition to the shaft and disc offsets, the sealing surface is conical, forming a third offset. Double offset butterfly valves are suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature environments. They offer improved sealing capabilities compared to single offset valves.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve (TOBV):

The most advanced type in this group, TOBV incorporates three distinct offsets: Shaft offset.

Triple offset disc butterfly valve:

Sealing surface offset. TOBV provides superior sealing performance, even in extreme conditions. It is widely used in critical applications where zero leakage is crucial.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Applications of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves:

  • Chemical Industries and Processing: TOBVs are employed in chemical plants for precise flow control and isolation.
  • Desalination: These valves play a vital role in desalination plants, ensuring efficient water treatment processes.
  • Energy and Power Generation: TOBVs are used in power plants, including nuclear, thermal, and renewable energy facilities.
  • LNG Storage and Transportation: Triple offset butterfly valves are crucial in liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and distribution systems.
  • Marine Applications: They find use in marine industries for shipboard systems and offshore platforms.
  • Oil and Gas (Midstream and Downstream): TOBVs are essential for controlling flow in pipelines, refineries, and petrochemical plants.
  • Petrochemical Industry: These valves handle aggressive chemicals and high pressures.
  • Pulp and Paper Industry: TOBVs contribute

Maintenance for Triple Offset Butterfly Valves:

Maintenance methods to ensure the triple eccentric butterfly valve operates:

  • Regularly examine the valve’s sealing capability, ensuring the surface remains intact to avert potential leaks.
  • Ensuring the valve maintains its maneuverability involves regularly lubricating its bearings and seals, thus improving its smooth operation.
  • It’s essential to routinely clean both the interior and exterior of the valve to prevent the accumulation of dust or debris, which may disrupt its normal functioning.

The triple eccentric butterfly valve finds extensive utility across various applications. They play a pivotal role in fluid media management, ensuring system stability and safety. So prioritizing maintenance for triple eccentric butterfly valves and promptly addressing any malfunctions are imperative steps toward enhancing production efficiency and ensuring equipment reliability.