Product Description

A triple offset butterfly valve manufacturers fundamentally differs from conventional butterfly valves due to its unique design that features – as the name suggests – three offsets:

1. Offset One: This refers to the offset between the centerline of the disc and the stem. This configuration reduces friction and wear on the seat during operation.

2. Offset Two: Similar to double offset vs triple offset butterfly valve, the second offset places the axis of rotation of the disc slightly behind the center of the seating surface, which minimizes contact with the seat when partially open, thereby reducing wear and enhancing flow control.

3. Offset Three: The third and most significant offset is the geometric shape of the disc itself. Instead of being flat or concentric like in other butterfly valves, the disc has a conical profile that aligns with a corresponding conical seat. When the china valve manufacturer closes, the triple offset creates a metal-to-metal seal that compresses against the seat at an angle, ensuring a tight shut-off with virtually zero leakage.


  • Triple Eccentric Design: The defining feature of the triple offset butterfly valve supplier lies in its triple eccentric configuration.
  • Metal Seated Construction: Many triple offset metal seated butterfly valves incorporate metal-to-metal seating, which enhances their sealing performance, allows for high-temperature applications, and provides excellent resistance to abrasion and wear.
  • Bi-directional sealing: The triple offset butterfly valve is designed to achieve bi-directional sealing, which means it can remain tightly closed in both directions of flow.


  1. Oil and gas
  2. Petrochemical
  3. Power generation
  4. Refining
  5. Water and wastewater treatment

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve