Butterfly Valves – Electric Pneumatic Or Double Eccentric

TWT Valves is a premier valve manufacturer and supplier based in China. The company specializes in manufacturing high-quality butterfly valves, which are one of their main export products to international markets.

Certainly, both of electric pneumatic types and double eccentric butterfly valve are our popular products.

Electric pneumatic butterfly type:

Electric pneumatic butterfly valves are a type of butterfly valve that combines the functionality of both electric and pneumatic actuators for control and operation.

  • The main component of the valve is the butterfly valve itself, which consists of a disc or plate that is mounted on a shaft in the center of the valve body.
  • The electric actuator is responsible for converting electrical power into mechanical motion.
  • The pneumatic actuator uses compressed air or gas to generate mechanical force.

Double eccentric butterfly valve:

TWT double eccentric butterfly valve China is a type of butterfly valve that incorporates two levels of eccentricity in its design. It is also known as a high-performance butterfly valve.

  • In a double eccentric butterfly valve, both the disc and the shaft are offset from the centerline of the valve body.
  • The double eccentric design decreases the operating torque required to open and close the valve compared to other butterfly valve types.