Product Description

Product Name offset butterfly valve
Seal Form Auto Sealed
Valve Stem Normal
Structure Three-Eccentric Sealing
Media Steam
Stem material Stainless steel
Connection Form Flange
Work Pressure Low Pressure
Color Customized on Request
Application Industrial Usage, Power Plant, Steam, Circulating Water

Laminated metal and graphite seat in disc boosts the superior performance in extreme conditions;
Triple eccentric structure frees the valve from abrasion and friction between seat and disc when the valve closes;
The seat of body can be overlaid with hard alloy to endure over 100000 times of cycling life;
Bi-directional performance can be achieved after China offset butterfly valve manufacturer optimization.
China offset butterfly valve uses offset configuration with laminated metal seat to apply in wide sectors, such as power plant, oil & gas, petrochemical, water drainage.

China offset butterfly valve manufacturer