Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Flange – Made By TWT Valves

TWT Valves as leading wafer type butterfly valve manufacturers in China, we always provide quality wafer type butterfly valves, no matter domestic or oversea market. There are 3 famous water projects by using TWT valves:

  1. East Water Diversion Project in Shenzhen,
  2. The South-to-North Water Diversion Project,
  3. The Left Bank Power Station of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

So, Wafer type butterfly valve with flange own any features?

  • A wafer type butterfly valve flange is a component used to install a wafer style butterfly valve between two pipeline flanges or fittings.
  • Contains bolt holes that align with the pipeline flanges to join the valve in between.
  • Usually made of steel or stainless steel to match the butterfly valve body material.
  • Has a center opening that matches the size of the valve body.
  • Comes in standard flange styles like ANSI, DIN, JIS.
  • Allows the wafer valve to be bolted securely between two pipeline flanges.
  • Contains grooves to accept elastomeric sealing gaskets on both sides.
  • The gaskets provide a tight, leak-proof seal between the flanges.
  • Flanges are sized to properly support the valve weight and sealing forces.
  • Often provides tapped holes for jackscrews to facilitate installation and removal.
  • Allows wafer valves to be used in flanged piping systems.