Safe And Economical Choice:Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

Oct 23, 2023 | News

Butterfly valve is a kind of rotary valve, in the functional classification belongs to the regulating valve, the principle is to open, close and adjust the fluid channel through the disc type opening and closing parts of about 90 ° rotary. Butterfly valve by the valve body, valve plate, valve stem, drive device and handle and other parts of the dimensions, butterfly plate can be rotated around a fixed axis of 90, through the angle of rotation can be adjusted media flow. With the chemical corrosion synthetic rubber in the butterfly valve in the application of more and more, butterfly valve in the process industry is also increasingly frequent. Butterfly valves can be classified according to the valve body materials, connection methods, etc. However, this article will be introduced around the drive.

According to the different power sources, there are manual butterfly valves, electric actuator butterfly valves and pneumatic actuator butterfly valves, all belong to a kind of butterfly valve, but there are also differences. Especially electric actuator  butterfly valves and pneumatic actuator butterfly valves such as similarity of the valve, in the procurement and use of more easily confused, so buyers need to be more on the principle of the two, the advantages of the full grasp of the issue. Below, TWT,China will introduce them for buyers.

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Differences between pneumatic and electric actuator butterfly valves

Electric butterfly valve, butterfly valve with electric actuator driven valve switch, powered by electricity, using a single-phase or three-phase motor to drive gear or worm gear output linear or rotary motion. Electric actuator can output a relatively constant driving force, strong resistance to deviation, high control accuracy than pneumatic actuators, without the use of other auxiliary systems can be automatically retained.

Pneumatic butterfly valve, butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator drive valve switch, compressed air as power, with a simple structure, maintenance is more convenient and so on, but the volume is large, the need for air and air purification devices; pneumatic actuator actuator and regulator is a unified whole, its actuator has a thin film type, piston, toggle and rack and pinion type.


PROS and CONS of pneumatic actuator butterfly valve

The advantages of pneumatic actuator butterfly valve are as follows:

  • Easy to open and close quickly, labour-saving, low fluid resistance, can be frequently operated.
  • Simple structure, small size, light weight.
  • It can transport slurry and accumulate the least amount of liquid at the mouth of pipeline.
  • Low pressure, can achieve good sealing. 5, good regulation performance.
  • There is no need for electricity, no risk of fire, and it is suitable for hazardous environments.

The disadvantages of pneumatic actuator butterfly valve are as follows:

  • The use of pressure and working temperature range is small.
  • Sealing is poor.


PROS and CONS of electric actuator butterfly valve

The advantages of electric actuator butterfly valve are as follows:

Electric valve electric actuators are mainly used in power plants or nuclear power stations due to their need for a smooth, stable and slow process in high pressure water systems.

The main advantages of electric actuators are high stability and constant thrust, with the largest actuators generating thrusts of up to 225,000 kgf. Only hydraulic actuators can achieve such large thrusts, but the cost of hydraulic actuators is much higher than that of electric actuators.

The disadvantages of electric actuator butterfly valve are as follows:

The structure is very complex, prone to failure, and due to its complexity, the technical level of maintenance personnel is required to be higher; if the motor operation generates heat, regulation is frequent, it is easy to cause overheating of the motor, thermal protection situation, but also increase the wear and tear of the reduction gears; in addition, the operation is slow, it takes a long time to move from the regulator output signal to the response of the valve to the corresponding position, which is not as good as the pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.


Application of pneumatic actuator butterfly valve

Pneumatic actuator butterfly valves can be used to switch and control low-pressure pipeline media. It is a valve that rotates around the valve shaft, and uses the closing component (valve disc or butterfly plate) as a disc to realize switching, and mainly plays the role of cutting off and throttling on the pipeline. The opening and closing part of the butterfly valve is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates on its own axis around the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening, closing or adjusting.

Pneumatic butterfly valve Butterfly valve is suitable for pipelines transporting various corrosive and non-corrosive fluid media, such as furnaces, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, chemical smelting, power generation and environmental protection, etc. Used to regulate and cut off the flow of media. Switch cut-off, proportional adjustment, emergency cut-off.

Relatively speaking, the accuracy of pneumatic actuator butterfly valves is slightly lower than that of electric butterfly valves, but it also has a relatively high degree of automation, convenient operation, and lower cost, and can meet ordinary use needs. Pneumatic actuator butterfly valve is TWT,China’s basic product. We have mature technology and rich experience. Don’t hesitate, choose TWT,a reliable China manufacturer of pneumatic actuator butterfly valve.