An Reliable And Multifunctional Gate Valve With Various Titles

Oct 23, 2023 | News

Resilient Seated Gate Valve is a kind of large diameter soft seal gate valve, also called lift stem gate valves,as a kind of gate valve, its basic function is to open and close, and it can’t play the role of regulating and diverting. The opening and closing parts of the resilient seat seal gate valve is the gate, the movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid, the gate has the function of interchangeability, and with the addition of spiral bevel gear labour-saving mechanism, one person can switch very easily and freely. Gate has two sealing surfaces, commonly used mode gate valve two sealing surfaces form a wedge, wedge angle with the valve parameters vary, usually 50, the medium temperature is not high for 2 ° 52 ”” . Wedge gate valve gate can be made into a whole body, called the rigid gate; can also be made to produce a small amount of deformation of the gate, in order to improve its process, to make up for the angle of the sealing surface in the process of processing deviation, this gate is called the elastic gate.

As a kind of soft seal gate valve, it adopts packing made of flexible material, which can adapt well to the irregular shape of the sealing surface and ensure a good sealing effect.

The bs5163 resilient seated gate valve is a resilient seated gate valve of British standard(bs),5163 is the standard number of stem gate valve.

This standard is used on a large scale in the world and buyers from all over the world are happy to buy bs5163 resilient seated gate valve. The The bs5163 resilient seated gate valve we produce also strictly conforms to the standards and guarantee performance.TWT,China will introduce it in detail for buyers next.

wholesale bs5163 resilient seated gate valve

Complex family of bs5163 resilient seated gate valve

As mentioned above, resilient seated gate valve is just one of the names, his aliases also include soft seal gate valve and lifting stem gate valve. These three names define this gate valve from three different angles, so we can also recognise it from these three angles.

Soft sealing gate valve

Soft seal gate valve is a kind of valve with soft seals, with the following characteristics.

  1. the use of flexible rubber or other polymer materials as seals, can alleviate the valve deformation and other reasons for the decline in sealing.
  2. It is possible to isolate both ends of the media and prevent the flow of media.
  3. The valve can be opened and closed with a knob that rotates 360°. 4.
  4. Because of the soft seal, it can be used at both negative and high pressure in the axial direction.
  5. Long service life and good reliability in the process.
  6. insensitive to the viscosity of the media, can be used to transmit a variety of different viscosity of the liquid.

Lifting stem gate valve

Lifting stem gate valve is a gate valve that opens and closes the gate by rotating the stem nut to drive the stem to lift (not rotate).

This structure of the gate valve on the stem lubrication is favourable, the gate opening is clear, the stem threads and stem nut does not contact with the media, not subject to the medium temperature and corrosive effects.

Corresponding to the non rising stem gate valve, the stem nut in the valve body and the media contact, by rotating the stem to achieve the gate opening and closing of the gate valve.

This structure of the gate valve, the height of the valve size is small, but it is difficult to control the opening and closing stroke, the need to increase the indicator, the stem threads and stem nut in contact with the media, to be affected by the media temperature and corrosive, and therefore suitable for non-corrosive media and the external environmental conditions of the poorer occasions.

bs5163 resilient seated gate valve

The bs5163 resilient seated gate valve has excellent fluid control capability and is capable of flow regulation. Its valve flap adopts a streamlined design, which reduces the resistance of the fluid when it passes through the valve and enables larger flow passages. In addition, the bs5163 resilient seated gate valve is equipped with an advanced actuator, which is capable of responding quickly to control signals and achieving high-precision flow control.


Features of bs5163 resilient seated gate valve

The bs5163 resilient seated gate valve has a wide range of applicability and is suitable for a variety of industrial fields and fluid media.The  bs5163 resilient seated gate valve can be used for the control of water, steam, air, oil and other media, with a large range of sizes and rated pressure range, to meet different engineering needs. At the same time, the bs5163 resilient seated gate valve can also withstand higher operating temperatures and pressures, ensuring its reliable operation in harsh working conditions.

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