Check Valve That Effectively Avoids Water Hammer

Oct 23, 2023 | News

Valve is a fluid delivery system in the control components, is by changing the size of its circulation area to control the fluid flow, pressure and flow direction of mechanical products. Classified by use:

(1)Cut-off valves: mainly used to cut off and conduction of media flow. This type of valve includes: gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve.

(2)Regulating valves: mainly used to regulate the flow of media, pressure, including regulating valves, throttle valves, pressure reducing valves.

(3) Check valves: mainly used to prevent the backflow of the medium, including a variety of structural check valves.

(4) Diverter valves: used for distribution, separation or mixing of media, including a variety of structures, distribution valves, traps and so on.

(5)Safety valve class: for system overpressure safety protection, including various types of safety valves.

A check valve is a type of valve that constantly keeps fluid flowing in a constant direction and prevents backflow. The valve flap is pushed open by fluid pressure, but when backflow occurs, the valve flap prevents backflow by backpressure in close contact with the valve seat. This is mainly a safety issue, so manufacturers have to control it strictly and buyers have to identify it carefully.TWT feel responsible to give buyers some guide on it as a leading valve manufacturer from China.

Wafer double door check valves are spring-loaded for fast, non-slamming closure of elastomer or metal body seats. When the pump is started and the downstream flow creates the desired pressure drop in the forward direction, the double doors will automatically open. When the pump stops and flow ceases, the twisting of the spring will automatically close the double doors before the flow is reversed. This effectively cuts off water flow and minimises system surge and water hammer.

triple offset disc butterfly valve

Single door and double door check valves

A single door check valve usually consists of a separate gate which is fixed to the bonnet and opens and closes the valve by the rotation of the flap. When the fluid flows in the positive direction, the door opens upward and rotates, allowing the fluid to pass freely, while when the fluid flows in the direction, the flap is subjected to the reaction force of the fluid, rotates downward and closes the valve to prevent the fluid from flowing backward.

Wafer double door check valve, by the valve body, valve flap, support seat, pin and torsion spring composition, the valve flap fixed in the valve body, the valve flap is equipped with two symmetrical grooves at the upper and lower ends, the support seat is fixed in the grooves, the torsion spring axial set in the pin in the middle of the pin, the two ends of the pin are fixed to the support seat, the torsion spring side with a fixed axle. Through the above settings, on the one hand, to prevent the medium backflow, on the other hand, by changing the traditional structure of the valve body using a perforation to place the pin and fixed shaft, reducing maintenance costs and improve the safety of use. Clamp check valve consists of valve body, valve flap, spring and other parts, using the clamp connection.

Wafer double door check valve–Features

  1. Water hammer pressureof wafer double door check valve is small, short valve stroke, and spring-assisted closure, shutdown speed. h76w and h76h type of water hammer pressure is only h44h type 1/2-1/5.
  2. The structure of a very short length, small size, light weight, for the installation of the valve, handling, storage and pipeline in the arrangement to bring great convenience, and can save a lot of material, reduce the cost of H76-type structure length of only H44H 1/4 ~ 1/10; H76-type weight of only H44-type l/4 ~ 1/10; fluid resistance is small, the coefficient of resistance of the fluid for the 2.6 ~ 0.7, with the increase in the diameter of the valve, the fluid group pressure is only H44H 1/2 ~ 1/5. With the increase of the valve calibre, the fluid group force coefficient decreases.
  3. Wafer double door check valve can be installed horizontally or vertically, light weight. No need to set up support for the valve.
  4. The opening pressureof wafer double door check valve is very small, the valve flap in a small pressure difference can * open.
  5. The wafer double door check valve for the overall structure, simple and compact, the valve closed when the impact of injection, water hammer pressure is small, the valve help long life, high reliability.

Application of wafer double door check valve

Wafer double door check valve is mainly used in urban, industrial and high-rise building water supply and drainage network. Because of its structure length is shorter than the general check valve, it is more suitable for places with installation space limitations.Wafer double door check valve is suitable for pure pipeline and industry, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise building water supply and drainage pipeline, to prevent the medium from flowing in the reverse direction.

When choosing between a single-door check valve and a wafer double door check valve, the fluid speed, characteristics and pressure should mainly be considered. Generally speaking, a single door check valve can meet most needs, while for high pressure and high speed, a wafer double door check valve is needed.

If you choose TWT,China’swafer double door check valve , you choose quality and safety, reliability and relief.