Product Description

Product Name2 inch butterfly valve
Working TemperatureNormal Temperature (-40°C<T<120°C)
Valve BodyForge Welding
Seal FormForce Sealed
Transport PackagePlaywood Case
Specification2″-12″ 50mm-300mm
Material of Seal SurfaceSoft Sealed
Size2 Inch
Production Capacity2000pieces/Month
ApplicationIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage

Butterfly valves are generally below 90 ° from fully open to fully closed, and the valve seat itself does not have the ability to self lock. To locate the butterfly plate, a worm gear reducer needs to be installed on the valve seat. The use of worm gear reducers not only enables the butterfly plate to have self-locking device capability, allowing it to dock in any position, but also improves the operational performance of the valve. The characteristics of the Wholesale 2 inch butterfly valve are high temperature resistance, wide pressure range, large nominal diameter of the gate valve, carbon steel valve body selection, and metal ring replacement of rubber ring for valve plate sealing ring. Large high-temperature butterfly valves are welded from steel plates and are mainly used in high-temperature medium smoke and gas pipelines.

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Wholesale 2 inch butterfly valve