Product Description

Product Name12 inch butterfly valve
Working TemperatureNormal Temperature (-40°C<T<120°C)
Valve BodyCasting
Seal FormNBR Rubber
Transport PackageCarton
Work PressureLow Pressure (Pn<1.6mpa)
Material of Seal SurfaceSoft Sealed
Size12 Inch
Production Capacity500set/Month
ApplicationIndustrial Usage

12 inch Butterfly valve factory offer the following advantages:

Compact structure, small overall size, short construction length, small size, light weight, suitable for large-diameter valves.

Capable of transporting mortar, with less liquid stored at the pipe mouth.

Good regulation performance

When fully open, the effective circulation area of the valve seat channel is large and the fluid resistance is small.

Small opening and closing torque. Due to the fact that the butterfly plates on both sides of the rotating shaft are basically the same under the action of the medium, the torque direction is opposite, which saves effort in opening and closing.

The protruding materials are generally rubber and plastic, so the low-pressure sealing performance is good.

Easy to install

Flexible and labor-saving operation, with options for manual, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic modes.

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12 inch Butterfly valve factory