Product Description

Product Name1 inch butterfly valve
Working TemperatureNormal Temperature (-40°C<T<120°C)
ChannelStraight Through Type
FunctionBlow-Down Valve, Relief Valve, Atmospheric Valve, Bypass-Valve
Transport PackagePolybag, Inner Boxcarton and Wooden Pallet
StandardISO, DIN, ASME .GB, JIS ..BS
Valve CertificateISO9001:2000, CE.Upc.Crn
Size1 Inch
Production Capacity1000 000 Set/Sets Per Month
ApplicationIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage

Butterfly valves are suitable for flow regulation. Due to the significant pressure loss of butterfly valves in the pipeline, consideration should also be given to the robustness of the butterfly plate to withstand the pressure of the pipeline medium when closed. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the limitations of the working temperature that elastic seat materials can withstand at high temperatures. The structural length and overall height of butterfly valves are small, with fast opening and closing speeds, and good fluid control characteristics. The structural principle of butterfly valves is suitable for making large-diameter valves. When butterfly valves are required for flow control, China 1 inch butterfly valve suppliers tell you that the most important thing is to choose the correct size and type of butterfly valve, so that it can work properly and effectively.

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