Leveraging BS5163 PN16 Gate Valves for Reliable Flow Control

Aug 14, 2023 | News

Gate valves represent fundamental flow control devices used across countless industrial piping systems. The BS5163 specification defines durability and performance requirements for metal seated gate valves up to 16 bar rated pressure. bs5163 gate valve pn16 provides reliable on/off flow control and isolation in medium pressure applications. Below we look at key design features, benefits, and selection criteria for BS5163 compliant PN16 China non-rising stem gate valves.

China manual gate valves

Overview of BS5163 Standard

The BS5163 specification published by the British Standards Institution defines materials, testing methods, markings, and design requirements for metal seated gate valves. It covers manual and actuated valves in sizes up to 600mm for pressures from PN10 to PN40. The standard aims to ensure end user safety while delivering optimal flow control functionality. BS5163 compliance certifies quality for specified pressure classes.

PN16 Gate Valves Under BS5163

PN16 denotes gate valves designed for medium pressure applications up to 16 bar. PN16 valves utilize sturdy materials like cast steel and bronze alloys. They incorporate threaded or flanged ends for installation flexibility. BS5163 dictates design elements like minimum wall thicknesses along with trim material specifications. It also covers testing procedures and the provision of markings like PN16 and BS5163 on the valve body. Conforming to BS5163 validates reliable 16 bar working pressure capability.

Design Features of PN16 Gate Valves

Key design features of BS5163 compliant PN16 gate valves include:

  • Cast steel or bronze bodies with minimum wall thicknesses
  • Non-rising stems enable space-saving vertical installation
  • Solid wedge gates with seating faces for tight shutoff
  • Handwheels, chainwheels, or actuated operators for actuation
  • Threaded or flanged ends provide pipe connectivity
  • Back seating stems prevent high pressure leaks
  • Graphite or metal seating surfaces withstand 16 bar
  • Bolted bonnets and gland packing prevent pressure leaks

Benefits of Specifying BS5163 PN16 Gate Valves

The benefits of procuring BS5163 certified PN16 gate valves include:

  • Assurance of materials, construction and pressure testing to BS5163 specification
  • Validation of 16 bar pressure handling capability
  • Reliable on/off flow control and isolation
  • Tight bidirectional shutoff when fully closed
  • Suitable for water, steam, oil and mild chemical services
  • Opacity stops potential for visually tracking valve position
  • Compact and lightweight compared to globe or ball valves
  • Broad range of sizes from 15mm to 600mm as required
  • Threaded or flanged ends enable easy installation
  • Long service life exceeding 30,000 cycles

PN16 gate valves meeting BS5163 deliver versatile, mid-range pressure flow control. They are available in manual, pneumatic and electric actuated configurations. Reviewing manual gate valve PN16 provides further insights for proper selection, installation, and maintenance. For reliable medium pressure flow duties, specifying BS5163 certified gate valves adds a mark of quality.