Versatile Check Valve Designs For Critical Flow Control Applications

Aug 12, 2023 | News

Whether preventing backflow in piping manifolds or ensuring one-way flow in vital plant systems, check valves serve important roles across process industries. As applications become more complex, advanced check valve designs deliver optimized performance for critical duties. This post explores axial flow, dual-disc and wafer-style check valves engineered to handle demanding flow control needs.

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Axial Flow Check Valves

Many plant systems transport fluids at high velocities requiring minimal head loss through installed valves. Axial flow check valves address this need with a streamlined design allowing flow to pass straight through in an axial direction when open. Their unobstructed bore minimizes turbulence and associated pressure drop compared to swing check styles.

The valve disc in axial flow checks sits flush within the valve body when open, clearing the path for full-bore flow. Upon backpressure, the disc lifts perpendicular to flow, closing off reverse flow without interference. Elastomer or resilient disc materials seal tightly against body seats to prevent backflow.

Robust designs from suppliers like Stopaq and Industrial Valves & Controls withstand arduous conditions found in water and wastewater treatment plants, power generation facilities, and oil & gas pipelines transporting slurries and liquids over long distances at high velocities. With a straightforward mechanism resistant to fouling or debris buildup, axial flow checks deliver durable backpressure protection for pumps and critical plant systems.

Dual-Disc Check Valves

Process industries requiring redundancy against single-point check valve failure turn to dual disc designs for enhanced reliability. Two independently acting check mechanisms within the same valve body eliminate any single point of failure risk.

If one disc wears out or fails to seal, the other immediately activates to prevent backflow through the valve. Internal redundancy ensures flow direction is maintained even if one sealing surface degrades over time.

Dual disc check valve likes those produced by Babcock & Wilcox function effectively in critical applications like boiler feedwater, steam line drainage collection headers, and other high-temperature steam systems in power plants. Their double barrier to backflow protects sensitive equipment and piping networks downstream.

Wafer-Style Checks

Compact wafer designs mount internally between ANSI flanges for direct installation into piping manifolds, turbines, and other complex flow assemblies. Their thin, low-profile design penetrates minimized space constraints compared to globe or center-guided styles.

Internal mounting simplifies installation without requiring welding or tie-ins to the connecting pipe. Standard drilled-hole patterns make wafer type check valve versatile for interchangeable usage between ANSI flange connections.

When space-limited confines call for a check valve solution, wafer styles such as those by Flowserve, Cameron and others avoid interrupting flow assemblies. Their small footprint integrates tightly into compact manifolds and vessel designs across process industries. Bonnetted access allows field servicing without system shutdowns.

Summary Of Check Valves

As flow conditions and application severity increase, advanced designs deliver the reliability critical operations require from upstream pumping systems to downstream process vessels. Axial, dual-disc, and wafer style check valve overcomes demanding hydraulic performance requirements and maximize protection for safety-related plant systems across industries. Critical facilities count on specialized check valve innovations to prevent backflow issues impacting operations, personnel safety, and environmental compliance.

Whether revamping existing piping layouts or designing new plants, leveraging the advantages of these versatile check valve styles ensures optimized flow control and isolation functionality where catastrophic failure is not an option. Specialized suppliers help evaluate project conditions to apply the right check valve solution for the most demanding hydraulic and operational needs.